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The Expanding Footprint of AI in Retail

Cognitive technologies have exerted a major disruptive influence across virtually all industries in the 21st century. AI & Machine Learning have been pretty much in the forefront of the cognitive technologies that have brought about this widespread disruption across industries and domains. According to certain market projections, global AI revenues are projected to experience massive growth from a base of USD 643.7 million in 2016 to an excess of USD 36.8 billion in 2025.

One of the domains which has been harnessing AI for heightened efficiencies and business benefits is retail. In this article, we will document eight use cases pertaining to the use of AI & Machine Learning in retail.

Navigation & Location of Items in a Large Store:
Navigating a hardware store can be a rather difficult process. To make things easier, Lowes created the LoweBot to help customers find their way around the store and get the items they need. LoweBots keep going around the store and ask customers s…

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