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Some Applications of AI in Customer Service

Among the various business functions, customer service was one of the early adopters of AI and machine learning. Customer Relationship Management or CRM is an essential part of any successful business. In the initial stages chatbots and AI enabled communication ensured that round-the-clock customer communication became a reality. Businesses interacting with their customers more, whether through a human customer service representative or a chatbot or through automatically generated email drip campaigns led to a lot more data collection about customers.

Recent studies have shown that 75% of customers believe that it takes too long to reach a human agent. In such cases, giving them 24x7 service using an AI empowered chat agent gives businesses a good boost and puts them ahead of several of their competitors. Customer service live agents can only handle one customer at a time. This means that with growth in the customer base, more agents will be needed. However with AI-driven live chats, b…

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