What We Focus On & Do Well:

Address your problems & alleviate your pain in the areas of Marketing, Business Development, Promotions, Event Management, Customer Loyalty & Churn, Sales force & Channel Productivity & Effectiveness, Customer Satisfaction & Customer Support. 

How Do We Do It:

As practitioner business consultants, we initiate measures & processes and help implement them over a period to do the following: 
  1. Increase your visibility & reach in cyberspace, cost-effectively.
  2. Initiate & implement processes to increase customer loyalty & reduce churn.
  3. Recommend & help implement processes, systems & applications to improve salesforce & channel effectiveness & productivity, aligning them better with your topline & bottomline objectives.
  4. Initiate & implement processes to get Helpdesks & Customer Support departments to meet customer expectations & needs post-sales, thus increasing customer satisfaction steadily.
  5. Rigorously analyze internal & external data to identify areas where improvements or course corrections may be needed as well as measure progress & effectiveness of systems & processes implemented.

What Tools, Widgets, Apps & Processes Do We Use:
  1. Social Media Management: To improve visibility, engagement & loyalty
  2. Website Design, Layout & Content Management: To improve eyeballs & repeat visits, increase visibility of Promotions & events, facilitate online transactions & meet customer information & support needs.
  3. SEO / SEM: To enhance discoverability, visibility & eminence of sites.
  4. CRM Apps & Systems: To improve productivity & effectiveness of Salesforce, Indirect channels, Helpdesks & Customer Support.
  5. Analytics: Measure effectiveness of processes initiated and drill-down through internal & external data to answer what-if queries and evolve key decision support parameters.

Case Studies:

Several of them can be found in this blog.

Our Key Strengths & Differentiators: 
  1. As business consultants, we are focused on your major problem areas and on alleviating your pain. Unlike many others, we are neither fixated on nor tasked to promote a particular tool, widget, app or process. The end defines the means for us and not the other way around.
  2. As practitioner business consultants, we remain involved & engaged in the implementation of the steps recommended.
  3. We work on mutually agreed deliverables and the results achieved over a period are tangible & measurable.

Who We Are: 
  • Senior corporate managers & highly experienced professionals with extensive experience across the areas of Marketing, Business Development & Sales, Customer Support, Projects & Operations. 
  • We have considerable domain experience in IT, Telecom & FMCG among others in the Asia Pacific, South Asia & Middle East theatres.
  • Together with our associates, we have domain expertise in the functional areas mentioned and use current best practices in these areas.

Where Do We Start:
  • By discussing and understanding your problem areas & pain & proposing specific remedial measures.
  • By undertaking a Discovery Study to identify key problem areas affecting your major business objectives.

Talk to us in person,through this blog or through our Pages in Social Media which can be accessed through the badges near the top of this page.