Digital Marketing - The reason why?

The decision to integrate Internet/ Digital Marketing in the conventional Marketing Initiatives is now a no-brainer. With over 2.2 billion Global internet users, 500 million users accessing Utube and 800 million users of Facebook- the web statistics are difficult to ignore and there is a strong case for Digital Marketing initiatives. 

There are however a number of challenges - given the clutter and fickleness of online users to zap pages and the increased noise levels of over 232 million websites. Listed hereunder are the critical parameters for success:

  • Stickiness becomes a key issue, based on time spent on the site
  • Click through rates and time spent on various landing pages.
  • Uncluttered web design that is optimized for organic search. 
  • Proactive content management that renews, researches content and takes into account the user feedback.
  • Platform for user generated content to facilitate interaction. 
A case in point are users of Facebook, who spent over 400 hours per week on the website enabling and amplifying viral thoughts, ideas and information.

There are a number of reasons why even Small and Medium size organizations should embrace Digital Marketing and integrate their digital efforts with their traditional demand generation efforts.

Digital Marketing drives a non-linear, two way customer interactive relationship, where customer is at the center of the relationship. This definitely enhances Customer engagement and response. In sharp contrast traditional Marketing methods are often top down and one-way.

One of the biggest advantages for Digital Marketing is the ability to drive multiple channel initiativesDrive Campaigns in multiple digital channels- Email, Blogs, Print, Webinars, Social Networks, Interactive videos, kiosks, Displays, mobile phones, Applications etc. These initiatives can be segmented, targeted with a narrow focus to get the best bang for the buck.

Digital Marketing affords high flexibility and response times. Customers can choose from a menu of Media scenarios and decide the optimum mix based on their performance metrics and make changes as they go along.

Due to the nature of the web we can achieve high reach at low costs thereby making Digital Marketing a very effective low cost initiative. A very high level of customization is possible as we tailor the offerings to profiles, preferences and behaviors.

Digital Marketing affords high degree of measurability. Tracking tools and web analytics enhance accountability and results