A Compilation of Incisive Observations about Social Media in Business

Social Media is much more than Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or YouTube. Social Media is a lens into the future of business and the relationships that are created between brands and customers. However social media can only benefit the organization if its promise is unlocked across the entire organization and not siloed in any one department or function.
A social business is one with its communities, wherever they reside. As customers view businesses as one brand and not as a series of disconnected units or departments, a social business is connected, engaged and adaptive. United on all fronts, a social business connects the dots between value & customer experiences as it heralds a new era of relationships and operates under a banner of transparency and open leadership.

 +Brian Solis

Companies must consider several points when creating a social media strategic plan for it to deliver business value and be as comprehensive as possible. Critical components include a clearly defined mission, defined goals and objectives, and a tactical approach. Understanding the target audience members and the way they interact in social media environments across various global regions is equally important. In addition the plan must include integration points with paid media (or advertising) along with a clear definition of the key performance indicators (KPIs).

 +Michael Brito 

CEOs are beginning to recognize that using email and the phone to get the message out isn’t sufficient anymore. That using social technologies to engage with customers, suppliers and employees will enable the organization to be more adaptive and agile. “As CEOs ratchet up the level of openness within their organizations, they are developing collaborative environments where employees are
encouraged to speak up, exercise personal initiative, connect with fellow
collaborators, and innovate,” concluded a recent IBM Study of CEOs

+Mark Fidelman  in +Forbes

+Chris Brogan