If Social Business is Becoming an Imperative, So is Social Literacy

Having a Social CEO heading a social business is being increasingly shown to be the way to go for corporations & institutions in the 21st century, essentially to enhance competitiveness and improve performance and shareholder value.

There's a world of difference between social media which typically started off as a means of communication & conversation between individuals and social business which can typically be termed social media 2.0

As +David Amerland points out so appropriately in this piece, the traditional 4Ps of Marketing are getting redefined in the era of social business into the new 4Ps of Purpose, Presence, Proximity & Partnerships.

The role and skillset required of the traditional CMO has been undergoing a change all this while. Today's CMO needs to understand the role of social media marketing, analytics & IT among other things. He or she is best described by what the +Harvard Business Review defines as the Chief Marketing Technologist in this piece.

Social business however is no longer confined merely to the Marketing function. It now pervades multiple functions and domains as this piece about Social Business explains.

There is thus a crying need for apex management as well as middle management of corporations and institutions as well as the owners & CEOs of small and medium businesses which have not yet fully bridged the divide between conventional and social business, to understand the concepts, principles and tools which can be appropriately used to make the leap. Digital CRM's Education programme, details of which can be seen in Slideshow below, is targeted to provide that overview and knowledge.