Collaborating and Scaling Up, Cost Effectively, Using Cloud Services & Gaining New Business Insights, Using Big Data Analytics

Doing business or starting new ventures have got lot easier in the modern days. Apart from the core business setup, earlier the entrepreneurs used to spend quite a lot of time in working out the right Marketing strategy, getting the market feedback and analyzing it and the most important part of it - setting up an IT backbone to the business.

In modern days, thanks to Social Media, Cloud & Big data analytics, things have become much easier. Any small and medium business, who is starting up newly, need not go for a full fledged IT setup. They can very easily use the Cloud infrastructure and solutions available as services. This is not only true about SMBs, but for large organizations too. If you are a fairly large organization, having several data centers, moving the IT Infrastructure to Cloud would make life much easier for the System Administrators as well as make the business more agile by easily increasing the failover and availability of the Infrastructure.

Marketing in the age of social media has changed vastly. Refer this article for more on how Social CEO is becoming the norm nowadays and how Social Business is becoming an imperative.

After the IT infra is setup and marketing campaign starts through Digital and Social media, organizations need to focus on making sense out of that data. For any organization, data is the lifeline. And the volume and velocity of this data is increasing rapidly everyday. For a typical Financial Institution, the data may come from possible leads, customer details, ATM data, Credit card usage information, Social media feeds, Sentiment analysis, Website analytic and so on. 

The complexity and volume of this data was unheard for till a few years back. Hence we need to have a different solution instead of the traditional ones. Big data helps in solving this puzzle. Understanding the basic tenets of Big Data would enable the organizations to map their requirements along with the tools and technologies of Big Data. It would also prepare the organization in doing the resource planning by understanding the key skillset.

To fully leverage the benefits of Cloud and Big Data, apex management as well as middle management of corporations and institutions as well as owners and CEOs of small and medium businesses may like to first understand the basic concepts, principles and tools pertaining to Cloud & Big Data. Digital CRM's Education programme, details of which can be seen in the brochure accessible via the link below, provide you with the required insight and knowledge.

For further details, check out this programme brochure